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110-220 kW (150-300 HP)

Grapă rotativă rabatabilă destinată satisfacerii exigenţelor terţelor părţi şi întreprinderilor agricole de dimensiuni mari. Disponibilă în versiunile 4, 4.6, 5, 6 şi 7 metri poate fi combinată cu tractoare de până la 330 CV.

Lățime de lucru
Lățime totală
Adâncime de lucru
Număr de lame
4000 103-220 / 140-300 400 412 28 32
4600 110-220 / 150-300 460 472 28 36
5000 118-220 / 160-300 500 512 28 40
6000 133-220 / 180-300 600 612 28 48
  • Central speed gearbox PTO 1000 rpm with wear PTO with phasing safety on side PTO
  • 1000 rpm PTO side gearbox
  • Pair of standard gears: 17-23
  • Rotor revolution PTO 1000 rpm: 357
  • Central PTO shaft with slip clutch
  • Side PTO shafts (LONG LIFE)
  • Universal three point hitch, cat. III^
  • Quick PTO shaft protection removal
  • Heavy duty gear-tray with double reinforcement
  • Round blade-holders
  • Long right and left dampened side protections
  • Rear lights for transport (disassembled)
  • Manual selection device for fix/upwards floating mode
  • Hydraulic folding system
  • Safety hydraulic locks for transport
  • Folded power harrow width: cm 240
  • 2 blades per rotor
  • Central eradicator
  • «CE» safety guards (supplied assembled)
  • Rear roller pin adjustment
  • Rear levelling bar on the roller with mechanical side adjusters
  • Transport protections
  • Hydraulic seed drill hitch (only for 4600, 5000 versions)
  • Pair of track eradicators with pin adjustment and safety shear bolt
  • Pair of track eradicators with pin adjustment and safety spring
  • Hydraulic roller side adjusters kit (not for COMBI)
  • Sleeve kit for cat. IV
  • Additional tubes kit for cage roller Ø 450 - Mod. 4600 (2 kits required)
  • Additional tubes kit for cage roller Ø 450 - Mod. 5000 (2 kits required)
  • Additional tubes kit for cage roller Ø 450 - Mod. 6000 (2 kits required)
  • Floating device kit for downwards oscillation
  • Bolt-on steel deflectors (PLUS) 4600
  • Bolt-on steel deflectors (PLUS) 5000
  • Bolt-on steel deflectors (PLUS) 6000
  • Hydraulic transport trolley
  • Quick coupler, III^cat.
  • Price surcharge - cam clutch PTO shaft
Number of rotors Open Close

img 3numero rotori

Number of rotors

25 cm spacing among the rotors gives Maschio Power Harrows more rotors than many other power harrows on the market today, it also lowers the horsepower requirement and most importantly leaves a finer seed bed.

Heavy Duty wings’ frame Open Close

img 4telaio robusto

Heavy Duty wings’ frame

The frame of new folding power harrows has been improved to be more resistant to heavy and continuative stresses. Hydraulic cylinders have an auto balancing system to control the depth of the rear roller and make sure it always runs level.

Heavy Duty seal Open Close

paraolio poliuretano

Heavy Duty seal

The special design of seals, made of rubber and cellular polyurethane guarantees a perfect sealing and long durability.

Reinforced trough Open Close

double skin trough

Reinforced trough

Double skin structure (internal shell 6 mm, external 5 mm) increases strength, prevents torsion and protects the workings from damage

Gearbox Open Close

gearbox cambio velocit


Main gearbox is critically important to the machine, so it is made directly by Maschio Gaspardo to ensure consistency, strength and quality. Spare gears are available on machines to change rotation speed of tines.

Low vibrations Open Close

rotors power harrow

Low vibrations

The tine rotors are all positioned at different angles which allow the power harrow to gradually dig into the soil reducing the vibration transmitted to the tractor and reducing peak loads on the driveline resulting in smoother operation and less fuel consumption.


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