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The DIRETTA model is ideal for direct seeding and for sowing on minimum tillage conditions. It is a mechanical drill suitable for all types of seeds: cereals, soya beans, rape, grass etc. On request, the DIRETTA CORSA version can distribute both seeds and fertilizer: the hopper can be split to have fertilizer option.

300 95 / 130 18-15,6 3900 17-19
400 95 / 130 18 4450 22
  • Mechanical seed drill with pair of plastic dosing rollers for small and large seeds
  • Mounted version: 3 point hitch, cat. III
  • Cam gearbox in oil bath
  • Dampened, indipendent planting unit
  • Independent seed press wheels
  • Hopper with window for seed level check
  • Depth gauge wheel: cast-iron Ø 360 mm, width 70 mm, seeding depth 5.0 cm, rubber Ø 400 mm, width 115 mm, seeding depth from 0 to 8 cm.
  • Ø 12 mm seed covering harrow with hydraulic lifting
  • Calibration control
  • Calibration and emptying tray
  • Lighting kit (supplied assembled)
  • Tarpaulins for protecting distributors from damp and mud
  • 70 mm depth limiters tungsten soil scraper
  • Tractor hydraulic distributors required: 2 - 4
  • Hydraulically lifted transport trolley for towed version with 400/60 - 15.5 wheels
  • Hopper capacity
  • DIRECTA 300 seed - l 2090
  • DIRECTA 400 seed - l 2880
  • DIRECTA CORSA 300 seed - l 1260; fertilizer - l 830
  • DIRECTA CORSA 400 seed - l 1737; fertilizer - l 1143
  • Row marker (not included)
  • Front disk assembly 400
  • Front disk assembly 300 (only for 17 row version)
GASPARDO gearbox - Easy and precise Open Close

Sezione Cambio 3 camme

GASPARDO gearbox - Easy and precise

  • Our 3 cam transmission design allows us to acquire maximum accuracy versus many competitors that have a two cam design.
  • Calibration is very time saving using our one handle lever to set the rate.
  • All of our cams and bearings on the gearbox run in an oilbath so that you do not have to worry about greasing them.

Penetration capability Open Close

penetrazione e solco stretto diretta

Penetration capability

The capacity of penetration in difficult conditions is given by the large notched disc (475 mm/18.7in diameter) and thanks to the reduced angle of action creates a groove very thin, thus giving reduced disturbance to the soil. The disks are connected to the frame using heavy arms and sturdy cast steel. Thanks to the hydraulic hitch the transport wheels raise totally off of the ground during field work causing maximum penetration of the units. The spring structure perpendicular to the ground allows the element to follow even very irregular shapes and to keep constant pressure applied to the soil.

Seeding depth limiters Open Close

depth limiter diretta G

Seeding depth limiters

To vary the depth from 5cm/2in to 3cm/1in all you have to do is change the limiter on the side of the disc.  

Rubber gauge wheel Open Close

diretta rubber unit

Rubber gauge wheel

The rubber gauge wheel systems is for the farmer who like to make adjustments to the seed depth often.  We can do this with a pin adjustment on the side of the unit.  The rubber gauge wheel system is not as suitable as the cast iron unit in very wet heavy soil type conditions.

Furrow closing system Open Close


Furrow closing system

The closure of the narrow furrow is obtained by a tapered wheel mounted on an arm independent of the unit itself.  This allows for the wheel to move independently of the unit,  running beside the furrow so that there will not be to much compaction over the furrow.  The closing system works very well in rocky conditions. 

Seed and Fertilizer Open Close


Seed and Fertilizer

The special design of the seed and fertilizer combined drill allows you to optimize the amount of fertilizer used thus reducing overall fertilizer cost.  Our combination unit also reduces the number of passes needed to go over the field.  This will reduce compaction and overall fuel and labor costs.  When comparing our fertilizer distribution to that of a spreader on uneven terrain our drill will give you a uniform application where a spreader unit cannot achieve such results.

2 point hitch Open Close

2 point hitch

2 point hitch

Our cast two point hitch allows for easy hookup and great versatility in the field because of the multiple pivot points.

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