DRACULA cultivator from Maschio combines industry-leading know-how, agronomic advantages and durability. Thanks to the combination of front discs, tines, levelers and rear roller, Dracula provides crop residue management, soil aeration, leveling and seedbed preparation in one cost-effective passage. Choosing this cultivator, you can face both shallow and deep tillage operations (from 2 up to 12 in.). As a soil caretaker, Dracula creates optimal field conditions for more yield potential and more profit!

Version Shanks (N.) Discs (⌀/N.) Power Needed (HP)
400 9 18 280-360 14 10 24 17637
600 13 26 400-550 20½ 10 24 20944
Auto-reset shanks Open Close

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Auto-reset shanks


Each shank is equippend with a 3" ¼ or 4" tips that shatters compact soil layers (up to 12") and 3" ¼ curved deflectors to improve residue incorporation and soil leveling. Deflectors are arranged in an X layout among shanks in order to increase soil mixing and a crumbling effect. Spring dumpening system has a 2100 lb pre-load. Shank placement on three lines and spacing (19" ⅓ among each line) promotes a perfect flow with no clogging issues.



Narrow on the road Open Close


Narrow on the road

Dracula is only 10 ft wide in transport mode, regardless of working width in the field. The large transport tyres (550/60-22.5) ensure excellent manoeuvrability during transport on road and when turning at field heads.



Heavy-Duty Frame Open Close


Heavy-Duty Frame


Dracula’s frame is extremely sturdy! The main frame is made of a 14" x 10" heavy duty beam where wings are connected and operated by 4 hydraulic cylinders which ensure a constant working depth preventing frame oscillations, torsions and damages. The great clearance guarantees no-stop tillage working in high trash conditions at high speeds.



Power-less soil refinement Open Close

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Power-less soil refinement

  • Rear discs levelers (diameter of 18") smooths the soil profile. Discs are equipped with silent-blocks to prevent damages and their position can be easily adjusted by hydraulically.
  • The ring roller (diameter of 23" ¾) has an aggressive profile that crushes clods and sub-consolidates the soil.


Superb chopping and mixing Open Close


Superb chopping and mixing

Front individual mounted notched discs have a wide diameter (24"). They are made in high tensile boron steel and have a soil contact which is four times wider than the smaller diameter discs. The discs concavity ensures better soil-residue mixing even in the presence of very high residue density, superb tough stalk management.

The 22° cutting angle, the disc shape and spacing ensure an optimal cutting quality even in the toughest working conditions.


The Dracula's concept Open Close


The Dracula's concept

  • Cut and mix: The front double discs gangs size residue, dislodge roots and get the residues in contact with the soil for a faster decomposition. 
  • Loosening: three rows of shanks designed to break up compacted layers, promote aeration, limit erosion and runoff, and improve water infiltration which helps the soil to retain moisture. 
  • Levelling: disc levellers eliminate any ridges left by the rear row of shanks. 
  • Consolidation: the rear ring roller reconsolidates and firms the seedbed.


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