(120-260 HP)
Professional folding straw chopper (corn, straw, sorghum, grass, sunflower and set-aside)

GEMELLA, the new cornstalk shredder with a foldable frame is a blend of safety and robustness. The large cutting chamber, robust rotor with tools in a spiral layout, and notched counterblade that separates the tougher residues, guarantee excellent working on tougher sublayers. Even in large or moist quantities, the material is unloaded thanks to the special shape of the frame. The hydraulic closure with automatic safety hooks allows it be safely and easily transported on the road.

Version Blades
Power Needed (HP)
470 96 1000 120-260 15½ 9
620 128 1000 120-260 20 9
  • Universal three point hitch, cat. II and III
  • Standard PTO shaft (1” 3/8 Z6 tractor side yoke)
  • Side direct PTO shafts and oil bath transmission spacer
  • Gearbox PTO 1000 rpm, double transmission, with free-wheel
  • Side transmissions with 5 toothed belts
  • Blades Kit “05”
  • Electronically balanced rotor with 8 rows of helically disposed tools
  • Heavy duty barrel type bearings
  • Hydraulic folding system
  • Safety hydraulic locks for transport
  • Manual selection device for fix/upwards floating mode
  • Adjustable Ø 7” rear levelling rollers
  • Transmission belts external adjustment
  • Quick PTO shaft protection removal
  • Double standing support
  • Floating third point connection rod
  • Lower toothed counter-blade
  • Rear bonnets openable for maintenance
  • Front safety flaps
  • Rear lights for transport (disassembled)
  • Folded shredder width: 9”
  • Central divider and “L” shaped blades working close to the central flank to minimize the uncutted surface between the shredding heads
  • «CE» safety guards
  • Adjustable pair of skids
  • Rear steering wheels (4 wheels)
  • Double skin, welded and toothed higher counter-blade 470 (2 kits required)
  • Double skin, welded and toothed higher counter-blade 620 (2 kits required)
  • Price reduction for rollers - GEMELLA 470 wheels version 
  • Price reduction for rollers - GEMELLA 620 wheels version
High rotor speed with low vibrations Open Close

Gemella maschio 15

High rotor speed with low vibrations

Rotors of Maschio flail mowers are digitally balanced in order to reduce vibration and improves long term reliability.

Counter blades Open Close

Gemella maschio 30

Counter blades

Internal welded  and toothed counter blades improve the shredding actions. Lower and upper counter blade kits are available as an optional for a finer mulching of harder and coarser materials.

Anti-wear plate Open Close


Anti-wear plate

The anti-wear plates improve the longevity of the unit preventing the impacts with rocks and other debris.

Why a flail mower? Open Close

bufalo 24

Why a flail mower?

  • High quality cutting like a finishing mower with the ability to chop thick residues as a rotary cutter.
  • Different blades available to meet every shredding need.
  • Closer to the tractor and less bulky for storage or manuvering at corners.
  • Safer than rotary cutters near vehicles or pedestrians; Flail mowers don't eject debris sideways.
  • The rear roller avoids scalping.

Anti-collision blade holders Open Close


Anti-collision blade holders

The special design of the support prevents damage to the rotor when blades hit stones or other foreign bodies; it bounces back.

Deflectors Open Close

Gemella maschio 3


Adjustable deflectors bolted on the rear bonnet make more uniform the shredded residues spreading. they help a further incorporation and decomposition.

Floating frame Open Close

Gemella maschio 17

Floating frame

Our floating 3-point system allows the mower to maintain proper cutting height even over uneven terrain.

Long life bearings Open Close


Long life bearings

Each bearing has a double rail consisting of two rows of spherical or barrel bearings to cope with heavy workloads. Main Advantages: long Life (Up to 30% longer than traditional taper roller bearings), high load capacity, easy maintenance.

Quick hitch Open Close

Gemella maschio 2

Quick hitch

Gemella is quick hitch compatible for an easy tractor connection.

Toothed transmission drive belts with external adjustment Open Close

Gemella maschio 4

Toothed transmission drive belts with external adjustment

A sturdy toothed transmission by belts transfers the revolutions to rotor. Toothed belts avoid slipping and power wasting during heavy working conditions.


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