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29-59 kW (40-80 HP)

The range of side-mounted mulchers stands out for its ease and versatility of use: dealing with grass or brush, either behind or to the side of the tractor, has never been simpler. Suitable for any use, equally happy working in olive groves, hazel groves and orchards as it is mowing along the ends of fields, ditches or hedgerows.

Largura de trabalho (cm)
N° giri pto
Elements nr.
160 SI - SE 29-74 / 40-100 157 177 - 198 540 24
185 SI - SE 44-74 / 60-100 190 210 - 231 540 28
210 SI - SE 51-74 / 70-100 212 232 - 253 540 32
  • Engate universal de 3 pontos cat. II-III com articulação de nivelamento automática
  • Grupo de transmissão tdf 540 rpm com roda livre incorporada
  • Alhetas dianteiras de protecção
  • Deslocamento lateral e inclinação hidráulicos
  • Regulação correias externas
  • Rotor equilibrado electronicamente
  • Martelos '14'
  • Par de patins
  • Contra-faca inferior dentada
  • Capot abatível para manutenção
  • D.S.W., sistema dupla posição rolo
  • Suporte protecção cárter transmissão
  • Sistema de protecção anti-choques
  • Kit tubo curvado a 90°
  • Cardan
  • Protecções de segurança 'CE'
  • Kit redução de tubos hidraulicos (de 4 a 2)
  • Kit de patins anti-desgaste
  • kit regulação de fluxo (só para versão SI)
  • Contra-faca superior GIRAFFA 160
  • Contra-faca superior GIRAFFA 185
  • Contra-faca superior GIRAFFA 210
  • Chapa anti-desgaste GIRAFFA 160
  • Chapa anti-desgaste GIRAFFA 185
  • Chapa anti-desgaste GIRAFFA 210
  • Suplemento para cardan homocinético
  • Aumento de preço para Rotor Multiaggressivo
  • Kit estrada
Hydraulic horizontal offset and tilt Open Close


Hydraulic horizontal offset and tilt

The idraulic offset flail mower comes as standard with hydraulically adjusted side and incline offset. It utilises a hydraulic system to allow the machine to work either directly behind the tractor or to the side enabling you or the user to reach far beyond the profile of the tractor and the ability to work on vertical (+90°) or steep sloping surfaces (-65°).

Counter blades for producing finer mulching of harder coarser materials Open Close

Gemella maschio 30

Counter blades for producing finer mulching of harder coarser materials

Internal lower counter blades ensure that the discharged material is mulched into fine pieces. The upper counter blade kits are available as an optional extra for a finer mulching of harder coarser materials.

High rotor speed with low vibrations Open Close

Gemella maschio 15

High rotor speed with low vibrations

Rotors of Maschio flail mowers are digitally balanced in order to ensure minimal vibration and improves long term reliability.

Toothed transmission drive belts with external adjustment Open Close

Gemella maschio 4

Toothed transmission drive belts with external adjustment

The entire flail mower range utilises toothed transmission drive belts to transfer power to the rotor. The toothed drive belts allow slip proof engagement preventing power from the transmission being reduced due to heavy loads or general wear.


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