Maximize efficiency of planting operation is easier than ever with the all new JULIA. The planter features an electronic transmission system with ISOBUS technology GASPARDO ISOTRONIC. The units downforce is controlled by the tractor cab with the AirSpring system that enable the operator to adjust the air pressure and consequently the units downforce. Those air springs maintains stable the units while operating on rough soil conditions. Great productivity is guaranteed by the 57 bu (2000 l) central seed hopper and 1,850 Gal (7000 l) granular fertilizer tank.

The special toolbar of 16 and 24 rows at 30" spacing features a forward folding system that enables an easy transport on narrow roads, transport width is only 12’.  

JULIA 16-24 R 16-24 30859 2377 28 - 30 - 32
JULIA ISOTRONIC 16-24 R 16-24 30859 2377 28 - 30 - 32
  • MTR HD planting unit
  • Plastic distribution head cover (Long Life Core)
  • Seed hopper capacity 2000 liters
  • Fertilizer capacity 7000 liters
  • Disc coulter Ø 355 mm
  • 1” x 14” shaped rubber press wheel
  • AIR SPRING - Central adjustment of the load for the seeding units by air springs
  • Electronic balance (fertilizer versions)


  • Track Leader application 
  • Variable Rate application 
  • Section Control application 
  • Variable Rate and Section Control applications
SBS - Seed Braking System Open Close

seed braking system

SBS - Seed Braking System

When seed falls into the narrow V shape furrow it stops immediately, maintaining an even spacing and a great seed to soil contact. Falling seed speed decreases from 6 to 0 mph in less then 1/12 of second.

Arm strong Open Close


Arm strong

This planting unit is designed for seeding in rough conditions and at high working speeds. The parallel linkage arm is made of one piece of high tensile cast steel. This design prevents from twisting and bending under loads and impacts which can occur in the toughest working conditions. Self-lubricating bushings, release oil particles that lubricate the hinge points and are maintenance free.

Super scraper Open Close


Super scraper

The spring loaded Tungsten carbide scrapers carry out the disc cleaning in all conditions, muddy spots or unexpected shower will not affect anymore your productivity, no maintenance required. The scraper has a wear resistant Tungsten carbide profile for NON-STOP working. The Tungsten carbide scraper makes it very easy to plant in heavy soil conditions.

Seed press wheel Open Close

seed press wheels

Seed press wheel

The stainless steel seed presswheel increases seed to soil contact improving crop emergence. It can be easily excluded when not needed.

Seeding tube Open Close

tubo discesa seme2

Seeding tube

Our unique seed tube design keeps the precise accuracy that comes from the meetering unit all the way into the furrow. Its special design prevents seed from bouncing during the drop.

Air spring Open Close

Air spring

Air spring

The air spring device allows to adapt down-pressure to field conditions. Cab controls on Trimble equipped planters allow to adjust the down-pressure from 250 up to 450 lbs per row.

Super seal Open Close

super seal

Super seal

The double row ball bearings are oversized and guarantee reliability in the most demanding working conditions including rocky soil. Long life is guaranteed by triple seal protection. The hub is dust proof which makes it ideal to work in wet conditions as well.

Self lubricant bushings Open Close

self lubricant bushings

Self lubricant bushings

Self-lubricating bushings release oil particles that lubricate the hinge points and are maintenance free.


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