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MARGHERITA è un braccio decespugliatore adatto ad un utilizzo privato che può essere collegato a trattori con guida reversibile per lo sfalcio d’erba e arbusti in fossati limitrofi agli appezzamenti. La sua compattezza permette lo sfalcio a filo ruota senza l’ingombro della carreggiata opposta. Già dotato di serie di pompa e motore ad alto rendimento in alluminio.

Modele Extension (cm) Standard Shredder head Poids (KG) Min. Tractor weight (KG) Puissance (HP) Hyd Oil Rotor (rpm) rotor Ø peripheral max Hydraulic engine
380 380 90/15-100/03 450 1600 25 75 3000 360 20
  • Possibility of hitching to tractors with reverse drive
  • Tractor hitch cat. I and II
  • Independent hydraulic circuit with high-efficiency aluminium gear, motor and pumps.
  • Max. 540 rpm PTO
  • High efficiency aluminium overdrive cat. II with direct connection to the tractor
  • Hydraulic valve system operated by flexible cables and control unit with mechanical levers
  • High-strength framework pre-engineered for 3-point hitching to the power lift cat. I
  • Ground pins made of hardened and heat treated steel
  • Wear-resistant bushings with lubricating nipple
  • Lift truck connections
  • 90cm bi-directional floating cutting head
  • Safety system with adjustable mechanical shock absorber
  • Safety lever to prevent the rotor from reverse spin
  • Safety valve for unloading in case of rotor blockage
  • Cutting head angle 220°
  • Parking stands
  • “CE” equipment
  • In the picture: left arm version
  • Heat exchanger
  • Electric Joy-Stick ON-OFF JS
Cutting head Open Close

cutting hedge3

Cutting head

Head of hedge cutters permits maximum working flexibility, thanks to its rotation angle of 220°; balanced rotor warrants absence of vibrations. 

Hydraulic shut off Open Close

shut off cocks

Hydraulic shut off

Hydraulic circuit can be blocked by shut-off valves: this allows user to perform safely maintenance operations, without any dangerous accidental movement of the arm.

Reversible rotor Open Close

anti inversion lever

Reversible rotor

It’s possible to invert spin direction of rotor: this makes the machinery suitable both to cut grass, shrubs (clockwise spin) and operate close to water along rivers (anticlockwise spin). To prevent any accidental inversion, the lever for this function has a safety block.

Mechanical Shock absorbance Open Close

ammortizzatore meccanico

Mechanical Shock absorbance

In case of sudden rotor arrest, a safety valve drops  pressure from hydraulic engine. A mechanical dampener protects the arm when an obstacle is hit

Contour Following System (CFS) Open Close


Contour Following System (CFS)

Floating head allows user to follow uneven ground contours without acting on motion control. A safety system limits maximum head oscillation so, in case of sudden level drop, risk of head falling or tractor overturning are prevented.  

Strong junctions Open Close


Strong junctions

All hinges have pins made of hardened, heat-treated steel; bushings are wear resistant and provided of lubricating nipples.

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