90-185kW (120-250 HP)

Cu modelul ORSO Maschio introduce o nouă tipologie de rulmenţi oscilanţi cu role folosiţi la grape, care conferă o rezistenţă mai mare faţă de cei cu bile sau cu role conice, îmbinând robusteţea şi fiabilitatea cu simplicitatea în întreţinere.
Este adaptat pentru folosirea îndelungată şi şi în condiţii grele, tipice ale contractanţilor şi prelucrărilor pe terenuri dificile, cu prezenţă de pietre. Rulmenţii cu role permit o întreţinere uşoară şi rapidă, se pretează intervenţiilor uşoare şi economice tipice rulmenţilor cu bile

Lățime de lucru
Lățime totală
Adâncime de lucru
3000 90-220 / 120-300 300 312 28 24
3500 95-220 / 130-300 350 362 28 28
4000 100-220 / 140-300 400 411 28 32
4500 105-220 / 150-300 450 460 28 36
  • 1000 rpm PTO gearbox
  • Standard pair of gears: 19-26
  • Rotor revolution: 350 rpm
  • Rear PTO
  • PTO shaft with cam clutch (1” 3/8 Z6 tractor side yoke)
  • Reinforced PTO shaft with cam clutch for Mod. 4000-4500 (1” 3/8 Z6 tractor side yoke)
  • 2 blades per rotor
  • Round blade-holders
  • Quick blade release, 16mm thickness
  • Bolt-on steel deflectors (PLUS)
  • Heavy duty gear-tray with double reinforcement
  • Heavy duty spherical roller bearings
  • Universal three point hitch, cat. II^ versions 3000-3500
  • Universal three point hitch, cat. III^ versions 4000-4500
  • Speed lift connections (combi)
  • Rear roller pin adjustment
  • Rear levelling bar with mechanical central adjuster installed on the roller
  • Long dampened side protections
  • CE safety protections
  • COMBI version not compatible with Cage roller 450, Spike roller 500, Rice field roller 500, Spiral roller 500 if coupled with DAMA and ALIANTE planters
  • Hydraulic seed drill hitch (lifting capacity 1500 kg)
  • Front hitch kit Mod. 3000 (rear roller pin adjustment only)
  • Pair of cameras with 7” monitor for front hitch kit
  • Kit air cooling 3000-4000 (it excludes the use of rear PTO)
  • Kit air cooling 3500-4500 (it excludes the use of rear PTO)
  • Pair of track eradicators with pin adjustment and safety shear bolt
  • Pair of track eradicators with pin adjustment and safety spring
  • Additional 8 tubes for cage roller Ø 450 - Mod. 3000
  • Additional 8 tubes for cage roller Ø 450 - Mod. 3500
  • Additional 8 tubes for cage roller Ø 450 - Mod. 4000
  • Additional 8 tubes for cage roller Ø 450 - Mod. 4500
  • Pair of gears for 300 rpm (15-24)
  • Pair of gears for 395 rpm (15-24)
  • Heavy duty PTO: power>= 200HP
Reinforced trough Open Close

double skin trough

Reinforced trough

Double skin structure (internal shell 6 mm, external 5 mm) increases strength, prevents torsion and protects the workings from damage




QUICKPLUS is a bolt on shield system. Assembling deflectors among the rotors-gear trough clearance, those prevents: stones, twines and debris colliding and wrapping on the rotors shafts. Remove deflectors is quick and easy to operate in no-stony conditions improving soil and residues flow.

Tine shaft Open Close

Power harrow shaft Maschio

Tine shaft

Maschio’s basic rotor design is replicated throughout the range: tine shaft are made from a single casting of pressed steel. This confers rotors higher precision and durability comparing to alternative manufacturing.

Low vibrations Open Close

rotors power harrow

Low vibrations

The tine rotors are all positioned at different angles which allow the power harrow to gradually dig into the soil reducing the vibration transmitted to the tractor and reducing peak loads on the driveline resulting in smoother operation and less fuel consumption.

Gearbox Open Close

gearbox cambio velocit


Main gearbox is critically important to the machine, so it is made directly by Maschio Gaspardo to ensure consistency, strength and quality. Spare gears are available on machines to change rotation speed of tines.

Number of rotors Open Close

img 3numero rotori

Number of rotors

25 cm spacing among the rotors gives Maschio Power Harrows more rotors than many other power harrows on the market today, it also lowers the horsepower requirement and most importantly leaves a finer seed bed.

“RAPIDO” quick fit system - easy tines replacement Open Close

Rapido quick fit system

“RAPIDO” quick fit system - easy tines replacement

QUICKFIT tine system allows the user to replace tines quickly with one turn of the QUICKFIT tool, this minimises downtime and increases safety.

Long life bearings Open Close

Bearing barrel bearing cuscinetti orientabili a rulli

Long life bearings

Each bearing has a double rail consisting of two rows of spherical or barrel bearings to cope with heavy workloads. Main Advantages: long Life (Up to 30% longer than traditional tapered roller bearings), high load capacity, easy maintenance (no preloading needed).

Heavy Duty seal Open Close

paraolio poliuretano

Heavy Duty seal

The special design of seals, made of rubber and cellular polyurethane guarantees a perfect sealing and long durability.

On grip tines Open Close


On grip tines

The ON-GRIP tines are ideal for working in hard uncultivated soils with crop residues. Due to the shape of the blades you get excellent mixing of soil, it also leaves a large proportion of the large course soil on the surface preventing the top layer of soil creating a water tight crust.
Tungsten coated tines are suitable for abrasive soils: standard dotation on Jumbo, they are available as optional on other models. 


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