Production Sites

Maschio Gaspardo - Campodarsego plant near Venice, North East Italy

This factory manufactures machines for a vast range of jobs, individually tailored to every soil-type, crop and tractor.

The plant also plays host to the Company’s head office – Maschio Gaspardo HQ.

Here are just a few of the pieces of equipment built at Campodarsego:

  • Rotary tillers (rotovators): from 0.8m to 8m to suit tractors from 12hp to 320hp
  • Power harrows: from 1m to 8m, fixed and folding, for tractors from 30hp to 450hp
  • Flail-mowers: fixed, folding or offset for tractors from 14hp to 240hp
  • Finishing mowers: side and rear discharge, 1.2m to 2.1m for tractors from 14hp to 50hp
  • Universal mulchers, straw choppers, hedge- and verge-trimmers
  • Inter-row cultivators
  • Finger-bar mowers
The recent installation of a large 1.3 MW photovoltaic system on the roof of the plant makes it self-sufficient in energy usage and demonstrates our commitment to environmental issues.

Maschio Gaspardo - Morsano al Tagliamento plant near Udine, North East Italy

The original Gaspardo factory, established in 1834, was taken over by the Maschio brothers in 1994. Today, this MASCHIO GASPARDO S.p.A. manufacturing plant is well known for the quality and reliability of its products.

Products built here include:

  • Precision seed-drills
  • Mechanical seed-drills for cereals
  • Precision planters for vegetables
  • Mechanical and pneumatic seed-drills for direct sowing

Since joining forces in 1994, Maschio and Gaspardo have gone from strength to strength. One key product of this partnership has been the development of a power-harrow/drill combination.

By tilling the soil and planting seed at the same time this combination saves fuel and time, halving the workload – a true one-pass machine.

Maschio Gaspardo - Cadoneghe plant (ex-Terranova) near Venice, north east Italy

State-of-the-art production facility for mechanical manufacturing processes.

Key equipment:

  • Fully-automated warehouse
  • Robotised laser cutting line.
  • Robot welding stations
  • 500t/1000t metal pressing stations
  • Machine tool stations
  • Foundry/Metal casting works.

The company has a sizeable raw materials warehouse - the driving force necessary to guarantee production continuity.





Maschio Gaspardo - Chisineu-Cris plant near Arad, North West Romania
Manufactures cultivation equipment for tractors from 60hp to 450hp.
  • - Sub-soilers from 1m to 5m
  • - Disc harrows from 2.5m to 8m
  • - Tine cultivators from 3m to 8m
  • - Seedbed preparation equipment up to 8m wide

Maschio Gaspardo’s specialist manufacturing plant for heavy duty, high-output machines for large-scale farming, this young, dynamic company is deliberately located in Romania give it easy access to the key markets of central and eastern Europe.

Maschio Gaspardo – Qingdao plant, Eastern coast of China mid-way between Bejing and Shaghai
This factory manufactures machines for tractors up to 60hp. The company markets and sells the entire MASCHIO GASPARDO product range.

The production plant is located in China to give the Group access to the all-important emerging eastern markets.

The fully self-sufficient company, M.G.Q. AGRICULTURAL MACHINERY Co. Ltd, employs local people with constant supervision from managers of MASCHIO GASPARDO S.p.A., to guarantee the same quality standards expected of other Group products.

Furthermore, with its vast, ultra-efficient warehouse, the Chinese company can guarantee rapid delivery times throughout the eastern market and an efficient, prompt spare parts service.

Maschio Gaspardo -  Pune plant, India
The factory mainly manufactures and distributes rotary tillers for the local market, with a production capacity of 22,000 units per year.
The total area is 25,000 square meters. Employees will soon reach 150 units.