Environmental Sustainability

The development prospective of Maschio Gaspardo is getting more and more environmental-friendly. Working closely with the agricultural segment, the environmental sustainability represents a key-topic in planning the strategies of the Group. Targeted to minimize the carbon dioxide emissions and grant the reduction of the negative impacts on the ecosystem, Maschio Gaspardo set up a new environmental-friendly policy, enhanced from the achievement of important awards linked to processes and products.

What concerns the industrial processes started in 2010, important investments have been realized to implement 3,4 MWp of photovoltaic system on the rooftop of three Italian plants (Campodarsego and Cadoneghe located in the province of Padua, and Morsano al Tagliamento in Pordenone area), which have brought from the beginning of the process till nowadays an yearly average of around 1.700 tons of avoided CO2 emissions, equal to the absorbed quantity of carbon dioxide by more than 150.000 trees.

Simultaneously insulation interventions of the plants have been completed, the opening of skylights, the introduction of heat recycling systems and the monitoring of consumption: these projects have further contributed to decrease the carbon footprint of the Group. Morsano plant has been selected in 2017 as pilot site to introduce other initiatives that progressively these will be extended to the other productive plants, intended to optimize the involvement of Maschio Gaspardo for a sustainable production. Among the several projects, the installation of LED lighting were accomplished in 2018, which has led to a yearly saving of 275.000 kWh, and the complete transformation of the heating furnaces from Mazut to methane. The environmental advantages of these two initiatives have overcome the previsions, bringing a further yearly reduction of the plant emission of 1.800 tons of CO2 and air pollutants, among them the fine powder PM10 and PM2,5.

In order to reduce also the connected CO2, all interventions in the energy field have been entrusted to companies of the territory, in line with the concept of “Kilometre Zero”.

With the occasion of the plant inauguration on 11th November 2011, a video was realized to promote the new environmental Maschio Gaspardo policy. You can watch it on our YouTube channel o clicking on the following link: MASCHIO GASPARDO - ENERGY FOR THE EARTH

About the sustainability of the products, MASCHIO GASPARDO participated to the project “AGRICARE”, financed from the European Commission with the funds of the LIFE Program, in collaboration with Veneto Agricoltura, ENEA, TESAF – University of Padua and EURIS. During three years of experimentation, it has been proven that the application of modern, mechanical and electronic equipment (precision farming) together with the direct seeding, minimum tillage and strip tillage techniques (conservative agriculture) is significant in terms of greenhouse gas reduction and soil protection, finalized for the preservation or increase of organic matters and the prevention from soil pauperization. These applications are validated also by the maintenance or improvement of the productive performances compared to the conventional techniques.

Furthermore, thanks to the revolutionary system based on electrical transmission with communication protocol ISOBUS and equipped in our GASPARDO planters, it is possible to optimize the planting quality erasing the inaccuracy coming from the constructive limits of the mechanical systems. With the electrical transmission, the plantation inputs are maximized applying the principles of mapping and variable rate (precision farming) according to the different productive potentialities that characterize the agricultural soils, often very heterogeneous. This type of approach improves the efficiency in the using of the nutritional substances, consequently reduces input-wastes and increases productive efficiency.

MASCHIO GASPARDO has achieved several recognitions for its eco-friendly policy. You can find them on this link.